About us

Compass Broadcasting is a partnership with Al Perez, Jim Franklin & Al Perez Jr.

AM1680 The Answer station reaches listeners from Merced to Porterville with 10,000 watts of power covering California's Central Valley. AM1680 is also streamed live worldwide at www.AM1680TheAnswer.com.

"The format holds significant meaning for us professionally and personally," says Jim Franklin. “We have put on the air a professional talk radio station that covers news, current events, social issues, politics, finance and family life from a conservative perspective."

Compass Broadcasting has put together an exceptional conservative lineup, including America's Morning News Local weather, traffic and news, Hugh Hewitt, Jim Franklin, Dave Ramsey, Larry Elder, Dennis Prager, Lars Larson & Joe Walsh together with national and international news from the Salem News Network.

“Our hope,” says Skip Essick, Program Director of Compass Broadcasting, “is that AM1680 The answer will inform, inspire, entertain and motivate our listeners.”

For more information on the radio station, call Al Perez at 559-681-4524; or email 1680spots@comcast.net; or mail to Compass Broadcasting, Inc., 139 W. Olive Avenue, Fresno, CA 93728.


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